Hadar's song "Take Me Home" is featured in the award winning film "Beneath"!  Check it out!




“Daughters of Cambodia” 

We just returned from an amazing trip in Asia! We got to visit Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar! So unbelievably amazing!!! It’s hard to sum up a month long trip especially one where we got to do and see SO MUCH! But there was one particular part that really touched me that I wanted to share. Cambodia is the number one country in the world for sex trafficking and unfortunately we got to see it first hand (and I cried for two days). Sheldon, my fiance, who tried to cheer me up found this wonderful organization… Read more

“Comfortable” Video Release 

I’m so excited and honored to be a part of this amazing song “Comfortable”, written by Emily Katter and myself! Video release is this month and I can’t wait! Video post to be continued…

“Beneath” got picked up by IFC 

So excited! “Beneath” got picked up by IFC and is going to be in select theaters this July! So honored to have our song “Take me home” in it! Make sure to go see it!!!



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