Hadar's song "Take Me Home" is featured in the award winning film "Beneath"!  Check it out!




“Counting Crows” CMJ 

I had the awesome opportunity to see my all time most favorite band play a hidden show at the CMJs this past weekend. It was truly epic! And I got really close :) Check out this video & photo! So amazing!

“Daughters of Cambodia” 

We just returned from an amazing trip in Asia! We got to visit Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar! So unbelievably amazing!!! It’s hard to sum up a month long trip especially one where we got to do and see SO MUCH! But there was one particular part that really touched me that I wanted to share. Cambodia is the number one country in the world for sex trafficking and unfortunately we got to see it first hand (and I cried for two days). Sheldon, my fiance, who tried to cheer me up found this wonderful organization…

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“Comfortable” Video Release 

I’m so excited and honored to be a part of this amazing song “Comfortable”, written by Emily Katter and myself! Video release is this month and I can’t wait! Video post to be continued…



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